Shadow Work

Shadow work is not some kind of ominous craft whereby we call upon all things that are dark and deceitful. In fact, it is quite the opposite.

Shadows exist because we once rejected, denied or disowned parts of ourselves in order to fit in and self-preserve in our early years. Shadow work thus brings these parts to light so we can integrate them.

A child who was once lively and expressive and bold repeatedly gets told to calm down, sit still and listen. Her environment perhaps didn’t suit her, or her parents or caregivers felt that she disrupted their lifestyle too much. As such, she gets punished, reprimanded or constantly told to conform to their expectations, standards and values. In order to buy affection, love and approval, she hides the parts of herself that are deemed wrong. As time goes by, she compensates and adapts, but there is always an inner conflict and discomfort within her. As she gets older, she struggles to make decisions with clarity and always attracts the wrong things and wrong relationships.
Why does she feel so disconnected and empty?

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