Pricing Structure

Personalised Coaching Sessions and Flexible Plans for Your Growth.

Free Introductory Session

Duration: 30 minutes
Price: Free
Description: A complimentary session to explore your goals, assess your challenges, and determine how we can work together for your transformation.

Single Session

Duration: 60 minutes
Price: R 1 300
Description: A focused session tailored to your specific needs, providing practical strategies and actionable steps.


Empowerment Package
Sessions: 5 Personal Coaching Sessions
Price: R6200 (Save R1300)
Description: A comprehensive package designed for deep, ongoing transformation. Ideal for those committed to making significant life changes.
Valid for 3 months.

Performance Boost Package
Sessions: 4 Performance Enhancement Sessions
Price: R3700 (Save R200)
Description: Perfect for professionals seeking to enhance their performance and achieve peak results.
Valid for 4 months.

Well-Being Journey Package
Sessions: 6 Well-Being and Balance Sessions
Price: R7400 (Save R1300)
Description: Focus on long-term well-being and balance with a series of sessions dedicated to creating sustainable, healthy habits.
Valid for 6 months.

Monthly Coaching Plans

Basic Plan
Sessions: 2 per month
Price: R2400 per month
Description: Regular support to keep you on track and continually progressing towards your goals.

Premium Plan
Sessions: 4 per month
Price: R4800 per month
Description: Intensive support with weekly sessions to accelerate your transformation and ensure steady progress.